Winona Forever


Winona Forever is a pop band currently based out of Montreal, QC.
Formed in 2014, Winona Forever have been making “Pop” music prioritizing punchy rhythms and fun melodies.

Since releasing their first EP in 2015, Winona Forever have strived to create the best possible self-produced content. Their process has come a long way since the first demos, much of which can be attributed to drummer Alexander Bingham’s time at recording school. The band released a handful of singles between 2017-2018 including Keep Kool and Heads or Tails. Featuring horns and more ambitious instrumentation than previous releases, these songs pushed Winona Forever to new audiences. With a positive reception on popular Youtube channels, music blogs and streaming services, Winona Forever recently passed three million total streams on Spotify alone.

In the spring of 2018 the band relocated to Montreal, and did their second cross-Canada tour in the process. Winona Forever has made the most of the opportunities Montreal has had to offer, playing festivals like POP Montreal and M for Montreal. 2019 marked the release of the Feelgood LP, an album two years in the making with four singles creating high anticipation. 2019 also brought the band’s US debut, with a sold out Santa Ana show at the Constellation Room being the highlight of a nine date tour. Currently the band is demoing new material and continuing their international touring plans.

Miguel Robres

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