Oracle Sisters


Oracle Sisters is a band formed by two long-time friends: Lewis Lazar and Christopher Willatt. Danish and Northern Irish respectively, they both grew up together in Brussels, writing and playing music. They moved to New York and Edinburgh separately and reunited in Paris in 2017 where they began working on new songs together. They quickly created a body of work that attracted a group of artists and musicians who helped support them with their first shows and releases. Soon they met Julia Johansen who was originally a guitarist and singer but, as fate would have it, became their drummer, harmoniser and songwriter for the band in her own right. The Oracle Sisters, taking their name from the culture of biker gangs the world over (with a mystical twist), set out to make their songbook.

Focusing on the balance of masculine and feminine energies, with harmonies and melody in the centre and a penchant to tell tales and wax poetic, the Oracle Sisters, after a few months of rehearsals, set off to perform a series of shows throughout Paris and beyond.

They were invited to tour with Polo and Pan in the UK, Germany and Holland. In London, they played Printworks, Laylow and the Old Blue Last. They played the legendary ‘La Cigale’ in Paris (with Papooz) and have plans to record their debut album in Mexico with Adan Jodorowsky.

Miguel Robres

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