Family Time


My weary listener-friend: you should know that, in order to tell the story of the musical work you hold in your hands, one must sift through the cumulus of false leads, vague journalism and dubious lore which, like musty algae, has washed up on its salty beach. We are not left with much, but still, the bare tale rings with a certain magnetism which to this day draws the curiosity of attentive audiences around the globe.

The Family Time name corresponds to the project of two young men, relatives of some sort or another, one Spanish and the other half German—that much is clear. The pair seem to have formed their musical partnership long before the production of this album, releasing unsubstantial collections of songs on the net under some other name, to little acclaim. At some point, they decided to dissolve their future prospects by abandoning their endeavours in London, and moving somewhere closer to home: the enchanting island of Mallorca, off the coast of Spain. From there, they began to work on their first album as Family Time.


Miguel Robres

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