Aldous RH


Aldous RH (Alexander Aldous Robinson Hewett) is an (Aries) male born in the spring of 1992. His obsession with the world of rock’n’roll began at the age of 12 and hasn’t faltered since. Many years were spent honing his craft as a vocalist & songwriter with nu-prog band Egyptian Hip Hop; and a few eye-opening experiences were had on the road performing with soft-spoken veteran Charlotte Gainsbourg and gentle blues-rock professional Connan Mockasin.

Lessons were learnt, songs were written, but will it only be now? He just  A singular presence both live and on record, his versatile virtuoso band of friends and funk cohorts expand his vision of blissful ballads + blurry blue-eyed soul into a very very real experience.

You should definitely try his music. It has the creepy quality of a seduction mixtape, only this is a lothario whose success with women is largely imaginary, and whose boudoir is a bedsit in a grim terraced house in Whalley Range. If Aldous RH is a fake loverman, his songs are faux luxe, with a budget lushness offering a lo-fi take on the glossy slow jams of his 70s R&B dreams. In a warped way, it’s quite beautiful.

He just came along to Madrid brought by Tombolo in May 2019, check him out.

Miguel Robres

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